AEON Process Solutions carries out its instrumentation works through a wholly owned subsidiary specializing in instrumentation controls and systems integration. We got highly specialized & trained engineers and staff who correspond closely with mechanical expertise to accomplish the tasks.

AEON deals in Pressure, Temperature, Level, Flow and other instrumentation trends .We provide instrumentation sales & services, Complete with detailed design engineering and procurement. Beyond standard areas of overlap, AEON expects its Instrumentation engineers to become creative partners in the design process. From initial Analysis and Consulting all the way through to Training and follow-up analysis, our professionals analyze your needs and custom design a program that will maximize the benefits received from your investments in AEON.

With its extensive experience of providing Instrumentation systems to the industry, AEON brings a unique blend of skills in all facets of instrumentation, integration, procurement, system configuration and commissioning.


We are also trusted dealer in measuring instruments like infrared pyrometers, portable PH & Conductivity transmitters, light and sound intensity meters, earth leakage detectors; magers etc.


Contact Persons:

Adeel Ahmed
Chief Executive

Cell: +92 300 7688199


Waris Jamil
Managing Director

Cell: +92 315 9353567


Ali Shair
GM Works

Cell: +92 315 6524500