AEON believes in safety of men, machine and environment. At AEON industrial safety performance progressively and measurably improved in terms of reduction of reportable accidents at work, occupational diseases, environmental incidents and accident-related production losses.

The employees are trained properly for all types of safety measures including Process Safety System(PSS), Emergency Shutdown-(ESD) and Emergency Depressurization-(EDP) Systems.

Proper safety precautions are emphasized while doing any job either erection or maintenance or operation, that’s how the accidents percentage at AEON has largely been reduced. AEON trusts in the use of right tool by the right man to do the right  job.

Environment Friendliness

With the global focus on emissions and government mandates, developing a strategy today to baseline and voluntarily report emissions will position you for future changes.

We know to capture energy data and convert it into information that can be used to establish your carbon foot print. We’ll help you report your current emission levels and achieve reduction through:

Energy efficiency and conservation.

Process improvements.

Alternative fuels.

Solid waste and recycling.

Water efficiency, capture and treatment.

New energy technologies.

Improvements in the existing systems.




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Chief Executive

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Resident Director

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GM Works

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